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People are at the core of everything I do. Through my human-centered approach to research, I seek to understand daily challenges people face, capture empathetic experiences, and identify solutions to make peoples' lives easier and more fulfilling. 

My diverse expertise spans across qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methodologies tackling foundational and iterative research questions. By evaluating goals and identifying pointed research questions, I uniquely cater my approach for each project. 



Across a project lifecycle, qualitative research encourages empathy with real users and helps uncover the "whys" of human behavior. My expertise includes structured interviews, usability testing, contextual inquiry, behavioral observation, text analysis, ethnography, diary studies, card sorting, content coding, and more.


The difference between a well and poorly conducted survey is invaluable to answering your research questions (and keeping your users happy, too). Effective survey research can deliver quick insights and a seamless experience for your participants. My expertise in survey methodology spans across recruitment tools, from online, phone, and mail, including multi-method approaches and across longitudinal data collection.


Quantitative analyses provide insights to existing behavior patterns and enable confident predictions. Experimental design is my bread and butter (because there's nothing quite like a controlled manipulation), but I also enjoy quasi-experimental, correlational, and descriptive analyses. Across projects, I use statistical and data visualization tools to create succinct reports and interactive presentations. Reaction time, socio-demographic factors, and eye-tracking data are just a few of the many metrics I've explored.


People are fascinating. And, fascinatingly predictable. I specialize in motivation science, asking and empirically answering questions about how and why people behave the way they do. For example, how do social and situational factors influence day-to-day experiences? How can factors like mood, social norms, and implicit attitudes predict motivation across contexts? What are the non-conscious drivers that influence our decisions?

Insights are lost without clear communication.

Capture empathy. Tell stories. Incite action.

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